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Originally Posted by Gealii View Post
do you happen to be using your torque converter when accelerating?
If not that would be why your not seeing much of an improvement. i do pulse and glide in my grand am autotrans and if i dont use my TC to accelerate i do see negative results. i do 45-63mph pulse and glides. My favorites are DFCO and the fact that my tranny switches into N when coasting in gear.
So if I understand correctly - I need to be using the TC when accelerating. How do I know if I'm using the TC under acceleration? I try not to push the RPMs over 2500when accelerating thinking that is generally better for FE. I haven't read up on pulse and glide techniques, I'll search for a thread or if you can offer one that would be helpful. I don't know what DFCO is either. I know what a metric cresent wrench is but I'm a bit of a nube with this ecco stuff. Appreciate your help.

Oh another thought. In my 2010 Matrix,is the fuel really shutting off when I coast in gear? I'm under the general assumtion that it is. The SG reads 9999 so I thinking it is detecting the fuel is shut off during this time.

Too many questions LOL
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