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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
I was thinking about that. Why don't they make an EV with the same type of Generator to charge the Batteries instead of "it'll charge in a month" solar panels?
They do make those type of EV's they're the ones with Regenerative braking.

Unfortunately, you can't fully re-charge an EV using the kinetic energy that the batteries created. Doing so would create a perpetual-motion machine. If you do that, bad things happen: tearing of the space-time continuum, gross violations of the laws of physics, that kind of thing.

Also, back on the subject of bike lights, those little bottle-generators are usually cheap junk, there are still a few companies that make decent ones, but they're kinda hard to find. I've been interested in cobbling together some sort of LED light system that runs of a generator hub. Both bottle-generators and hub-generators put out 6v, 3w.
3 watts isn't much when you're trying to be seen amongst bunches of 50w car headlights.
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