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More from Vetter on Streamliner Kit

Morning Pete: I love intelligent dialogue and appreciate your inventiveness. Thank you.
Let me respond to your key observations:

The shape. Speaking as a designer, it has always frustrated me to realize that only one shape will go thru the air while consuming the least energy*. The shape is out of our control. In the end, we should all arrive at the same shape, no matter how diverse we would like to be. Where is the opportunity for variance? The paint job, I guess. I am resigned to this. Do I have it with my streamliner? Only time will tell. I sure wish we were not separated by the ocean. It would be great fun to compete with you and Jan Vos.

The Type of Kit: The shape I have developed really is "one size fits all." The same Vetter Kit parts are on my Ninja and Helix. The parts are configured so that they will fit any 2 wheeler and be shipped economically. Shipping, I learned in my Windjammer days is so important.

The Right bike:
It does not exist. So frustrating. Your conclusions match mine. We'll have to make it ourselves.

Finally...after 4 years of riding in Vetter Conditions, I reluctantly conclude that the Honda Helix does not have enough power to do the job.


*In Vetter Conditions... 70 mph, into a 30 mph wind, sitting up and comfortable, carrying a useful load like 4 bags of groceries) being our first choice in the garage.

Last... what hurtful article in MCN?
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