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I'm 62 and I sold my shop at 50 to take advantage of the tax free gain on the sale of your personal home. I built two and so far it works out to a gain of over $300k, $165k when we sold the first house, without any tax liability, and another $135k if we sell the second house, which was built with the gain from the first.

Your initial post was very strong and that tends to make people react negatively. I did the same thing when I first came here. I believe my Patented design is a key component in future vehicles because it allows incorporation of hypermiling techniques into the design of the vehicle itself. I let the negative attitudes of members on other forums drive me away, so I spend my time here. I try to help people with problems with my experience, some 60,000 hours of hands on problem solving as well as interactions with people who trusted my judgement and character.

You should stick around, as I did, and try to add to the knowledge base of this forum. You might even learn a few things, as I have, and when you do, push the thanks button and let people know their efforts were worthwhile.

If you decide to no longer participate, I can understand that, having done so myself on other forums. Great knowledge is worthless without the ability to pass that knowledge adn experience to others. I learned my trade by focusing on what worked first, then refining my knowledge with experience and an excellent memory, that is fading with advanced age. Even with all of the issues age brings on, I still get a thrill out of helping another member without requiring them to take the same arduous path I took to get the same level of knowledge.

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