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EOC fuel usage ?'s

I have heard that when you start your car (cold) that is uses up to 6 times the amount of fuel that it uses in normal conditions until it warms up and goes into closed loop. If you do an EOC with a fully warmed up engine, and then start it with the clutch, does it still go through this routine? and if so how long does it take to get back into closed loop roughly? I ask because even when the car is warm and I do an EOC, whenever I pop the clutch to start, it seems to start just like I started it with the key and idles high for a while before it settles down. Maybe 30-45 seconds or so. Anyone have any info, links, ideas here. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

I'm just trying to do a little math and see if it would be more beneficial to P&G with engine braking or EOC. with EOC I get 2-3 more seconds of glide time when doing my 60MPH-40MPH ect. P&G. But if I'm using more fuel starting it after an EOC every time then it wouldn't be worth it. I suppose I can do a little A-B-A testing but if anyone has looked into this before, that would save me the trouble

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