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BSFC for turbo engine

Hi guys, I have been lurking for a long while now. I stumbled onto your forum a couple years ago looking for BSFC charts. A buddy of mine had turned me on to and I was really interested in their article on BSFC. They had a link to a Transport Canada report by Sierra Research which supposedly had BSFC charts for turbo engines, but the link didn't work. Sierra Research sells the report, I called and said I only needed the single BSFC chart, they do not allow that, I'd have to buy the entire $60-70 report.
A year ago, I purchased a 2012 Chevy Sonic with 1.4T, 6-speed manual, double overdrive. I was really curious what the turbo did to the shape and location of the efficiency island. I was thinking the turbo, extracting some energy from the exhaust and driving the compressor to overcome the pumping losses would allow the efficiency island to expand down to lower load.
I tried calling Chevy customer service and asked them if they could get the BSFC from powerplant engineering, I also asked for Cd and frontal area. OK, stop laughing, I knew it was a long shot!
My dream would be to have a BSFC chart with lines of constant hp and turbo-boost.
I looked thru your BSFC figures and there are no gasoline turbos in there. Any idea where I could get one? I may just cough up the money and buy the Sierra research report.
I'm a mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in jet engine design and analysis, so I really love this kind of stuff. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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