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"Are you going to be bucking solid rivets, or pulling Cherry (blind) rivets? "

Iím using blind rivets. Most of the rivets are going through the sheeting and into the 1Ē square tubing the frame is made out of. The hard thing is going to be the countersinking.

According to the link Ken provided you should not countersink sheeting less than .40 think. So Iím going to try to countersink the tubing and then dimple the sheeting. Not sure that extra effort is going to be worth the Aesthetic difference, but it will be good experience.

I just finished ordering the last round of parts for a while, hopefully. My budget is getting unhappily close to my goal of 2 grand. If I counted tooling Iíve bought to build this thing, I would probably already be over budget. Tools are great to have, so I wonít complain about that. I have about $400 left, which should cover everything I donít have except the windshield.
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