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Did you get that thing?
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Thanks for the input.

Originally Posted by JohnnyGrey View Post

Solution 1: Put the engine back to work so it won't idle.
Solution 2: Take idle control away from the ECU by unplugging the IAC.
I do actually put the engine back to work, I only happened to let it idle one time when I had to brake right after clutch starting the car and I noticed it idling high. Then I checked it a few times (on different trips to make sure) after and it did it every time. It got me thinking that if it was using more fuel, then even if I was using the throttle, I would still be comsuming more fuel... I AM glad to hear that the 6x is a stretch, that seemed incredibly high to me. But then again, I was thinking of a choke on a carb and what that does to the A/F mixture for a cold engine, so I thought it might be a possibility.

Any side effects to unplugging the IAC?.. other than maybe a little trouble holding idle when really cold.

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