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Ouch. That's a hard place to start. What is it about this vehicle that makes you want to keep driving it? Tell me the positives about it.

Because if you're going for style (old cop car?), much of what you'll find here will probably interfere with it. If you're going for function, people will probably recommend other vehicles that will do the same thing.

My first thought is to stop using it for city driving and get something small and efficient. Save this thing for show days, if that's it's main draw. There are certainly other things you can do, but I suspect that the top thing is to change your driving style (adjust the nut behind the wheel), rather than huge vehicle changes. City driving tends to be lower speed, so aero mods will have less effect.

I'm early in my work on my own vehicle. The two things I'm doing are 1) make sure the vehicle is in the best mechanical condition I can, and 2) remove any mechanical items that rob power.

For city driving of a Caprice Classic, I doubt you'll want to pull the power steering. Depending on where in PA, what city, how hot, you probably don't want to pull the AC. So you're down to smaller things like reducing electrical load and switching to an electric radiator fan (if it doesn't have one already).

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