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Turtle JohnPr's jeep aero mods

so today i was working on the jeep, i did a few small improvements and worked on 1 large improvement.

so first we will start off with safety.

always use the proper tools for the job.

wear eye protection if the project warants it (use comon sense) - not necessary for what i did today, but may be on future projects.

use proper hand protection - today I used latex gloves, other projects will require mechanix gloves, leather gloves, or welding gloves

keep a first aid kit around (or at least some band aids)

wear the proper clothing - some projects it doesnt matter what you wear but others you will want to wear long sleeves, and others you will want clothing which is loose fitting without being baggy.

hearing protection - some projects may require hearing protection, usually when using power tools

respirators / face masks - very usefull when working with paint, chemicals such as fiberglass (good for today).

shoes - always wear closed toed shoes, some projects may require steel toes

work in a well ventilated area, even if you are using breathing protection, built up fumes cause both breathing problems and are a risk for flash fires.

always try to work smarter not harder.
measure twice, cut once.
ok now that i have the safety part covered i will start working on posting what i actually did

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