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Well I finally found a LH inner fender skirt, but it doesn't block the hole, also still getting a bit of a leak on the drivers door.

Car is more or less on the road, I drilled out a broken spotweld near the other cable got a grommet and routed it through some old hose. Now I have no fuse on the DC DC but have a backup and don't care.

Runs rough but the plugs are original at 150k, I will have to figure out how and which ones to install, or maybe have honda do it, though that might suck too much cash for the slight time savings.

I also figure the PVC/EGR might need cleaning or replacement, its like a bit of miss, especially when cold.

Around town with very few stops and 35mph I am getting about 53mpg and I am being relatively carefull driving which from past experience is about 20mpg low, I also noted that going 35mph my FE tops at 75mpg chugging along steady state and drops to 50mpg periodically. Even when the car is warm it doesn't seem to want to autostop until I am almost to a complete stop, I tried the upshift thing and find only Key fas works, though I am likely missing some FE that way.

My thoughts are brake drag and alignment, sadly those for me have always also been very difficult to fix. (besides buffing rust no idea)

Ah well.

Its still much higher MPG than any of my other vehicles excluding the ev.

One thing at a time.

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