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As a former VX owner, that is the best cheapest car you can buy for the best MPG. I miss mine dearly but had to get rid of it because the darn thing was falling apart (body wise). The engine and trans were mint at 312,000kms. I'm an idiot and didn't know it's worth and sold it for $500. In retrospect, I shouldn't have sold it and should've kept it for parts to build another VX using a better condition shell. *sighs* Oh well.

I currently own a 95 Honda Civic 4-door LX 5-speed with A/C and it's decent on gas. But nowhere near the 52mpg I was getting with my warrior VX.

Any Honda Civic will return good gas mileage regardless of what model. But it has to be the older ones from 92-00. I'm not a fan of the newer ones. Or new cars for that matter.
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