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Hypermiling Cheat Sheet

I'm trying to come up with a little cheat sheet for fuel efficient driving that will be stuck to my dashboard or steering wheel somewhere. There are so many tips out there that it's hard to keep them all memorized. I want one that is easy to read and not very big. I think it will serve two purposes. It will help me remember the tips and my wife may end up using the tips too.

I want to include tips that are the most fuel efficient. BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK.

One side will probably be for urban and suburban driving and the other side for highway driving.

These are the tips I'm considering:
-Avoid stopping (keep the momentum) when safe and legal.
-Avoid traffic.
-Crawl in high traffic. In bumper to bumper traffic, leave a big space in front and try not to stop. Keep a slow steady speed.

-Keep windows/sunroof closed at 45 MPH or faster.
-Drive at lowest legal speed.
-Only use cruise control on flat roads.

Can you add to these lists?

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