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Tyler from Colorado.

I suppose I'll introduce myself,

I'm a 24 y/o somewhat recent college grad. I went to Purdue University back in Indiana but moved out here to Colorado. I work in the fuel industry involving environmental implications.

Anyways for a little extra cash I enjoy flipping cars. I just found this forum a couple days ago and holy wealth of information! My head is spinning. I've been subjected to the performance world for years, but really just recently have started being very interested in efficiency.

I'll try not to get too terribly long winded but my interest in cars really blossomed a little over ten years ago when my dad bought a 1966 Pontiac GTO for $2k that we slowly rebuilt together until I was a senior, and he gave it to me as a high school grad gift.

I typically ride my bicycle when I can but otherwise enjoy riding my 2004 yamaha WR450, used to ride enduros competitively on it so it's licensed but otherwise my daily is a 2003 f150. My truck has over 200 thousand miles on it but it's strong. I'll probably apply most of what I learn here as I can to my truck because that's really where most of my fuel goes. I take it to go camping and have fun in the mountains (skiing season on it's way) so it sees a lot of highway use but also get pushed pretty hard on the forest service roads in the back country, so I won't be lowering or putting on little tires. However I am interested in aero modifications as I have an extensive fabrication background as well. Looking forward to learning lots from you guys (and maybe gals?) and hopefully giving a little know-how back as well.


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