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Originally Posted by bengry View Post
bumping this from the dead.

I have a VX engine D15Z1 i am working on getting into an 89 civic wagon.

I do not have a IAC valve. Is the IACV very specific for a vx?

I see that the vx does not have the fast idle thermovalve. It does have a bolt pattern similar to the one shown in image 23-8 shown above. I am thinking about going to a yard and finding something with a similar bolt pattern and 2 wire plug.

Any one else run into an issue replacing the IACV on a vx?
iv got a 94 vx with the d15z1. i just managed to get mine off right now since all the symptoms that I am having aim straight towards the valve. im hoping this throughcleaning takes care of it otherwise its a 150$ part. its right behind the intake manifold held on by two bolts
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