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The programming will be almost entirely based off of engine coolant temperature (I'll also open it up when the A/C is turned on). I don't see a need to have ambient temperature or vehicle speed effect things.

I plan on having it closed all the time until engine coolant hits around 200F / 93C. This should be well above the thermostat temp (so radiator is fully saturated at 200F) and still below the coolant fan turn on temperature. This will utilize the radiator only at the maximum delta temperature which allows greater cooling efficiency so that the time the grill block is open can be minimized. I'll shut the grill block when the coolant temp falls back down to around 190F / 88C which should be just above the thermostat opening temperature. If I find that this is cycling things too much I'll adjust it so that the block closes say... 15 seconds after the coolant temp hits 190F to give some time to cool down the radiator.
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