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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
what a great way to head into the cold season! congrats!!!!

Most of the trips I logged across country )Sato ca to DaLLAS tX) WERE WITH A loaded CAR. (clothes and stuff)
I really think that if just me, I could have gotten 33+. (driving 60mph)
and I always left the a/c on 'auto'.
Thanks buddy, It feels good to reach a goal. Hopefully next summer I can reach 30 MPG like u. Sometimes i switch from auto to econ, it obviously gets hotter but sometimes is bareable espcially when ur moving and can get the fresh air that you are driving thru. Sit and go traffic econ is horrible. I ususally switch back and forth from auto to econ.
I think we have the same nissan ACC Automatic Climate Control unit.

(update: I also read in my nissan manual that when set on auto 80 deg is the most effecient according to them)
Which on a really hot summer day if you set auto to 80 it still is cold... i thought that was interesting.
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