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You are mostly just being simple-minded and are not seeing the bigger picture. Research does not happen in a is influenced by $ and prejudices.

You need to be asking this: WHY isn't independent longer-term research being REQUIRED and funded before GMOs.... for instance...are unleashed on the world??

As far as Indian farmers...there is a woman in India that would have the hard info...she speaks perfect the deep research.

The articles I post and link to are supposed to be a START...not the final analysis.

You do a good bit of damage with your simple denial of overall advice...DON'T FEED THE DUMMIES. Unless you are secretly working for al....then of is AOK in a capitalistic system where the corps run the show.

Originally Posted by niky View Post
The morality or lack of morality of certain corporations does not reflect as to whether something they do is bad or not. The only thing that determines whether something is bad or not is the fact that it is bad... or not.

Again, I am perfectly willing to accept that Monsato is a vile, profiteering, dangerous agricultural monopolist that promotes bad practices and maybe sells dangerous products. And that excessive fertilizer and pesticide use is bad for the environment.

But I need to see the evidence backed by hard facts rather than pandering rhetoric. And many of the links posted don't show a positive correlation that would stand up to close scrutiny. Not the Indian farmer suicides, not the lab rats, not the Parkinsons links. (So, are we going by case studies with single patients, now? The same kind that proved, once and for all, that cellphones cause brain cancer?)

Sure, Monsato, evil. Yeah. Industrialist out to take advantage of poor farmers. But saying that Monsato is the only reason Indian farmers are suffering is grossly oversimplifying the problems of third world farming.
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