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I posted a reply on my space saver tests in the thread you referenced, I did some for real today but could not test the insight wheels on the testbed vehicle sadly.


Well, liquid steel was put into the messed up inner fender area (drivers kickboard) the door leak has magically stopped (for some reason) and the floor no longer leaks with some nice black liquid steel plugs. My father averages 45-53mpg per the lie o meter on the day to day driving, which again seems quite low for the type of driving (ideal insight driving really).

Car likes to miss a bit and run rough, if you shift when it wants you to shift it does not appear to be able to maintain speed.

Next step in my mind is spark plug replacement, I am having a great deal of difficulty locating the proper plug code on the engine block by the spark plug for some reason.

If that doesn't do much, coils then PCV/EGR.

Wish me luck, if its something more major its gonna run just like it is till the motor dies getting 45-53mpg. Not bad for an incorrectly operating vehicle.

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