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AWESOME chart!

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
But I don't know turbos at all. What's the effect of taller gearing on turbo operation? If dremd's goal is to stay out of the boost, wouldn't reducing RPM through a gearing change raise engine load and cause the boost to come on sooner for a given road speed?
Hmmm Good point.

The guys who have done the gear swap don't get much of an increase in mpg, maybe 1~3 mpg average; This could well be the reason.

The only "real world" load to fuel consumption data I have is that my mpg's stay virtually the same @55mph when climbing a slight hill. Maybe an indication that I can put more load on it at the lower rpm and not increase fuel usage?

At this point I'm basically considering Cleaning up the underside with aluminum flashing, and probably some wheel covers. I'd like to do a boat tail, but I know if I do that it will either a) never get done, or b) be way over the top.

Offsubjuct: I haven't noticed much discussion about LRR tires on here. Do they not matter much on cars so light? On my supra going from Re050's to Energy +'s gives me around a 5 mpg gain on the highway (sorry no instant reading on the Supra, so thats from full tanks). Any Favorites? Experiances?

And just incase I forgot to say it already; This site is awesome.
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