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What version is your controller?

Originally Posted by duncan View Post
Hi Kenny
I can't find a J5 or J12 on my board?

I have removed the controller from the car
looks like I have blown up the second from the end MOSFET
The low resistance may be from the soot

so - take it all apart - clean it -

Replace the dead MOSFET - What else do I need to do?
And which schematic did you use to build it?

Remove the damaged part and make the continuity/resistance measurements again to verify that was the culprit and that no other fets are shorted to the heatsink.
Then clean it all up and repair/replace the damage, then before you put power to it make the continuity/resistance measurements again with a DVM to make sure it is wired correctly according to whichever schematic/revision you have. You have to think like an electron and look for any other circuit path that might have been overloaded or damaged when the mosfet blew. You also need to think about why did the mosfet blow--what is the root cause of this failure, the mosfet was just the consequence not the cause. Good luck to you hope it turns out to be a simple solution.
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