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I'm glad I am no longer involved with fixing cars for the public, especially when they start bringing Chinese designed and manufactured cars into the USA. You think a Trablant or a Yugo was a piece of juck, just wait for the Chinese cars.

Detroit was really falling apart with quality issues when the Japanese started really gaining market share in the early 1970s. I have personally seen union sabotage on a Ford
Truck at a Ford dealership, a hole drilled into the back of the engine block with a note, "you found it you $%^.". That convinced me to stay away from US built cars for a long time. Now I am driving two Fords and they are of equal or even better durability than anything made anywhere, and in the case of the 97 Ranger, better than most of the imports.

Hopefully with the traumatic transition of the American car industry, as well as the fact that most assembly is now computerized, we will see the USA become a major player in the auto industry again.

I think Toyota and Honda both peaked a while ago, and like the USA decades ago they are now (to a certain extent) riding their reputations with their new vehicles. I have had some very disappointing personal experiences with a 2006 Corolla, defective manufacturing that required a frame shop to repair on a brand new car, purchased with 6 miles on the odometer.

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