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It's good to be back. Also, happy 5th anniversary, EcoModder. I suppose I should make a gift out of wood somehow.

Cider, you're right that the car is based on the Yaris hatch, with slightly improved aerodynamics, different interior, and a smaller version of the Prius' engine. This is badge engineering done well.

Btw, Europe will not get the Prius C. Instead, they'll have the "Yaris Hybrid". This will give us good information on the cost and weight associated with this particular hybrid system.

Neil, a (photoshopped) shot with less perspective in it would allow for more accurate comparisons, but I agree with your assessment. The C's less aggressive rear taper, further aft roof apex, and earlier truncation of the Kammback shape are all compromises to allow for rear seats. As with all cars, I only wish it were four feet longer.

What prompted the change? No one thing in particular, but the combination of the following:
*the need to move larger things
*the cosmetic deficiency of the "teach yourself collision repair on a budget" approach I took with the Insight
*the Insight is a 12 year old car. Not the end of the world, but it's needed service to the HV battery, 12V battery, ground wires, exhaust, and clutch hydraulics this year. I expect that the C won't need anything but scheduled maintenance for half a dozen years.
*Rear seats. Those may become a requirement sooner or later.
*Toyota PSD > Honda IMA. Also, the Prius C can make much better use of a grid charger and/or additional battery capacity than the Insight can.
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