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I appreciate both the tone and content of your post.

As for me, I am not suggesting this is the end all, be all, nor that anyone else should do this. But I have and do, and to me there is a fun element to it.

And I simply do not understand anyone being contentious over this.

The bottom line is: It will either do something positive, not do anything at all, or do something negative. Regardless, whatever the outcome – it isn't irreversible and any downside is not irreparable.

I was very skeptical, and I wanted to make sure there would not be any adverse impact of sensors CAT, etc. I read up on ashless oil. I decided it was worth a try. Without telling my son, I also added a tank’s worth to his truck (I own it), and without prompting him - he mentioned it ran more smoothly.

So there you have it. It either works, or it doesn’t. I don’t have a quarrel if some want to try it, and I don’t have a quarrel if some do not what to try it and think it is a foolish idea.

But, I don’t get what seems to be a latent hostility against this. Lets take inventory here: We are talking about a gasoline additive. I could understand the angst if we were talking about something like rampant and irresponsible government spending.
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