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Loved the last line there... had to laugh. Thanks for the complement BTW

But I think it is not too hostile, and I hope it really won't be.

I saw what the guy pushing the Amsoil additive had to put up with... he got ran out of town. On his own accord though. All he had to do was either back off his claim, and say that it MAY help MPG, or help provide soem low cost samples to people. Some people were will ing to drive hundreds of miles just to test it out. That is dedication. He never took their offer.

I think by all of us reminding people the goal of this thread, there will be minimal risk of flame wars.

I am just plodding along, finishing off my bottle of Lucas UCL this month, so I can use the container to begin the 2 stroke testing in January. I plan on tracking my wifes MPG here on out, so I will get a few weeks of pre-addtive as a baseline.

Boy I wish she drove less, umm, what is the opposite of smooth and planned? Not sure the word for that... oh well.


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