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Originally Posted by WesternStarSCR View Post

If I get even slight positive MPG increase over time, and / or less burning of the expensize synthetic oil that her 3.8 Chrylser has (supposedly a common issue, burns about 1 qt for about 1,500 miles), then in the case of her van, it will be worth it.
All I am really saying is your "experiment" is not controlled tightly enough to determine whether your additive is making a difference. You are relying on a statistically significant difference that may not manifest because your variables are larger than the potential change.

Originally Posted by WesternStarSCR View Post
Here is an inexpensive, off the self product, that MAY help MPG, as it has shown to do that for others who have also attempted their best controlled testing as well.

But, no bold claims that we need to prove or disprove. Just people saying hey, its cheap, looks like a lot of people have tried with different levels of success since at least 2008, so that it seems to be low risk in relation to products people may be spending more money on anyway, which also have a small or non-existent body of evidence for thier claims.
Here is where I disagree. 2% to 5% is a BIG difference for a 0.15% concentration of additive. Unfortunately 2% to 5% is still difficult to measure given your context.

Originally Posted by WesternStarSCR View Post
In fact, my botle of Lucas UCL states clearly that the 'bottle should pay for itself with MPG increase'. Of course, no evidence listed...

I think the worse it can do is keep things running well, if you believe the reports from others on the internet from the last 6 years. Any MPG gain is bonus. And maybe, the MPG gain is because , over time, the lubricants and detergents are keeping things clean and smooth? Don't know, I hope to see.
Yes, it is common to market a product in such a manner. And I agree, I don't think you will be doing any harm to your vehicle.

Originally Posted by WesternStarSCR View Post
I do appreciate your involvement and questions. They are good questions.

This research reminds me of a group research project, with a goal of 'lets see what we find out ourselves', which may or may not pass the level of any particular scientific test protocal. But, we hope it is valuable none the less.

The more we are upfront with the fact that this is an open discussion, with a broad range of people and test or use methods, the more people will hopefully see that we are just trying to add to a body of evidence that already has a positive internet track record.

Someone trying it and saying it made his car run like crap is just as valuable as someone that said it now idles smoother, but no MPG gain. So who knows where this thread will go.

I appreciate your willingness to read and address differing opinions and trains of thought. Since your thread title invites "open discussion" I am glad to participate.
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