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Update: Just did some more coast down testing and a couple hours worth of driving.

I guess I'll cut to the chase - using an average of all my figures, taking into account that I was going into a 13kph headwind (as measured by the bureau of meteorology), I get a drag coefficient of 0.19. (I was on the way home). I will probably need to do more testing, but I'll probably be conservative and say that it should at most have a drag coefficient of 0.24.

Regardless, that is definitely an improvement. The lower road noise is noticeable, and coasting seems more effortless than it was. Probably the acid test will be when I do some terminal velocity glides down some hills on my commute - typically I see 80-85kph going down them.

Someone yelled out "What's the go with the car, mate!?" at a set of traffic lights. I said (before doing the testing) "The drag coefficient is about 0.22". He probably didn't know what I meant. I guess I should have said "fuel economy!". Oh well.

I still have had no issues with rubbing.

And I think my solution to the front of the rubber/car join will be industrial strength UV proof clear tape.
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