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Question to the members of this forum. Would one of you please read my posts (yes including the unfortunate duplication) and then tell me where this system does NOT work.

My test was conducted on a straight forward with like..
I drove to a station appx 1km from freeway entrance (my test was principally to find fuel consumption at highway speed) Fuelling was done very slowly to allow foaming to stop and to within 1" of the top..........the with the HHO system engaged a closed loop was driven returning to the same station and the same pump. Odometer reading and refill in the same manner to within that 1" of the top.......then the HHO system shut down the same run was performed. ........returned to the same station same pump and topped up again. The results were noted in the posting 8,8km per liter w/HHO..........6,2km per liter running diesel only. What else do the "experts" want ? As I mentioned my principal interest was to limit the emissions....that already made me happy. The rest is bonus
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