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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
I agree. it's my understanding that it's much more stable to have the third wheel in back.
2F1R and 1F2R are equally stable if designed correctly.

A 2F1R (tadpole) trike tends to have less stability during acceleration, but more stability during braking. It also tends to understeer during cornering. Since more force is generated during braking and traditional cars generally understeer, the 2F1R is more popular.

A 1F2R trike tends to have more stability during acceleration, but less stability during braking. It tends to oversteer during cornering.

I remember hearing about some type of controversy over Zap and its owner. I know they had quality issues with their cars, such as faulty weatherstripping and poor assembly, but I'm not sure what the issue was. If it went a little faster/further, I'd drive one.

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