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What you are describing is fuel processing.

Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
Ok diddnt have time to read all the posts but I get the jest of it. I have no Idea of thier geet reactor never seen one but had seen the hydro car run with something similar but not sure. As I put in the unicorn fuels area the Tubing was stainless capillary through exhaust manifolds. It was a sealed system to Heat fuel to its combustion state then injected superheated fuel burned clean. the guy practicly stuck his nose in the tail pipe for a minute or so. Scavenged exhaust gas was reintroduced into intake air system to raise temps. Was it free energy? no used gas in a economy car from what I could glean.
The other I spoke of was to get HH from water dont know much on this one. water was heated in exhaust again then run through an tube compressing and separating h from o.
Sorry no sources of anti matter or gravity harnessing etc.
The science is good and solid - use wasted heat to produce fuel.
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