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OK, judging by the title you can see where this is going.
Before we start let me say that this may be illegal an I am not responsible for your actions! I have seen people talk about this on forums, and seen it used in off-road trucks, but never a wright up on how to actually install one. Technically this is a throttle lock and while it may work on automatic cars it will be much more effective on cars with a manual trans.

What in needed:
-1 universal choke cable $7.99 (or 9.99 for one with extra mounting hardware) at Autozone
-1 package of 3/32" cable ties (contains 3) $1.98 at Home Depot
-A few zip ties I used 7 (will vary from application to application)

Wire cutters
Flat blade screwdriver
Drill with bit
Razor blade or die-grinder (A.K.A. drimmel tool)

My car is a 1994 Honda civic dx without factory cruse control.

First I removed the little switch panel that has a blank spot for a button and and the rear defrost button.

Second I separated the blank panel form the defrost switch (it un-clips).

Third I drilled out the center of the blank panel and removed one of the 4 sides on it so that I could tighten the nut that holds on the choke cable.

4 Install the cable through the previously discussed hole.

5 I fed the cable through factory holes in the dash and firewall.

6 Re-install the panel and your new curse control nob.

7 Route the cable to your throttle cable and throttle body .
(For me I ran it along side the factory throttle cable and zip tied it in 7 places to keep it from moving.)

The next part is very subjective to application, what i did was wedge a bottle in my floor bored to hold it at W.O.T. (to make sure were I placed the cable clamp it would not bind at any throttle position.

8 Attach the clamp as a shown using a second clamp so that the choke cable only will act in one direction and can be overridden by normal throttle control.

9 From here on out how long to cut everything will be all up to your discretion and application.

Lastly install a small clamp or choke cable retainer so that it will not pull through the other clamp on the factory throttle cable, And cut off any excess!

Take a look at my pictures, let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Side notes:

~You WILL need to set the throttle with your foot. The spring is too hard to overcome by hand.
~ Also, for me the spring is just slightly to strong to just pull the lever out, and let off the gas. If I keep just one finger on it (almost no preasure) the friction from the cable and its sheath will hold the throttle where I set it. still trying to figure out how to fix this "safely".

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