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Well I use the 2 stroke stuff in the boat to protect the electric fuel pumps and I also had a few stuck valves from the previous owners neglect in one engine, seems to really help in this area and no smoke or oil on the water from the exhaust so it must be burning,plus it's relatively cheap, I noticed that my fuel hose for the outboard boat had a primer bulb that literally crumbled apart from the ethanol because I had no 2 stroke oil in the tank ,where as the other tanks stored in the boat shop had perfect hoses, and two stroke oil in them, I work on a fuel dock for boats 9 months a year and the gas hose leak fumes, and is legal, literally coating the deck with a black mold that grows on the ethanol fumes, that leak through ,pure sugar I guess, almost nothing flexible it seems can contain alcohol, there is actually a coast guard spec on the rubber that is used for hoses Etc,and lists how much can leak, where the diesel hose sits there is not any staining on the wooden dock below it, pretty obvious the fumes leak through and wreck the rubber of the gas hose, , i figure it's worth it just for protection and maybe some valve guide lubrication
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