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First of all; thank you for responding. While you took your time off, Arra; I struggled to keep this subject alive.

I think its a 3 part answer.
We have tons of younger people on here that to put it plainly perhaps are just not into
older cars, and don't care.

Another thought I had is some much of society is so instant oriented, that not seeing
instant responses makes it boring.

Last thought is the HONOR system on this post to shoot from the hip, and not cheat
(google) an answer.... and some people's pride won't allow them a wrong guess
to be shone to other people!

wdb: Your guess is closest, sorry Arra! Arra may have more distress with this than
others...(that's a clue)

Also a clue is that the trailer is not average size; it was made to fit the car!
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