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Originally Posted by redyaris View Post
Where do the rich like to vacation?
Where ever it is safe to be rich...
Where is it safe to be rich?
In countries that have low levels of inequality...
I don't know exactly who you are counting as "rich", but I don't think your argument is supported by facts.

First, I don't think the really rich ever actually vacation, they just buy homes in different places.

Second, for the prosperous to moderately rich, vacation location choices are far more likely to be based on climate & scenery than economics. If you want to go on a ski vacation, for instance, you go to places like Aspen, Whistler, or Gstaad - and the local economy in such places has very high levels of income inequality. Very few people, rich or not, take ski vacations in say Norway or Sweden.

Same for tropical vacations: most people head off to places which have a very high degree of income inequality - the West Indies, Mexico, Thailand,etc.
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