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Originally Posted by suspectnumber961 View Post
Where we have deployed troops at ruinous expense, China has deployed dealmakers.
And has exported arms to anyone the USA or Europe (maybe even the Russians) wouldn't supply ...

With more than $14.4 trillion in capital reserves, China an economy that was once devastated by collectivist government policies has become the world's No. 1 lender.
There's only one slight issue with the Chinese economy : it relies very much on export, and they do feel the economic crises in the US or EU as reduced exports.

Their internal market, huge as it is, simply can't take their massive production.
They must export.

But here in America, the principles of the U.S. Constitution ... the rule of law ... the individual's rights to his own property ... are being systematically destroyed.
And non-existant in China ...

But everyone and anyone will happily deal with the Chinese as prices are so good - easy peasy, when by any standards, you employ slave labour.

They don't give $h!t about the environment, nor the individual Chinese .
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