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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
As most of us know, GM did alot of 2 year near look alike versions where doors, etc..
can be interchanged.

Thusly the 64/65 Chevelles, 66-67 velles, 68/69 velles, 70-72 as well.

I like the '69 face also. The '68-'72 wagons, and El Camino's all really have the same
main body, and rear.

My question is a custom stretch of a nose, or shortening of frame needed to put
a '69 Chevelle nose on a '70-72 Chevelle wagon/El C ???

Are the Olds, Buick, Pontiac cousins in the same boat???
The Buick, Olds, and Pontiac A bodies are all largely the same. There are a few really cool cars out there where people have mixed the brands. One that comes to mind was a guy who built a 70 Buick GSX Stage 1 El camino. It was awesome, he had the buick front clip on the El Camino.

Here it is:

As far as going between the 68/69 to the other generations I'm sure it is doable, but difficult. I know the core support is different between the 68/69's, the 70's and the 71/72's. The 70 was similar to the later ones, but was set up for the 4 headlights. It has to be changed when going to the 70 front like the wagon. A lot of the chassis parts are interchangeable but I'm not sure about the body parts, I'm pretty sure that the earlier cars have more of a curve to the fender where it meets the doors, and the body lines wouldn't line up, but with enough work ot could be done.

The best way to go about it would probably be to use the front end parts from a 68/69 El Camino, including the doors. (El caminos use different doors).

That would be a cool car though!


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