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Thanks - I have spent a while reading about orbywan and aero-rv.. Surprised to see the little effect the under body smoothing made.

To this end, mod #1 has been done today. In the pics attached, you can see the covered rear 'duallies' (sp?). This was quite easy, as I have some foamalux ultra (a sort of hard board skinned plastic, often used for signs and wipe down surfaces in kitchens). This I simply cut to size, and using self tappers, screwed it to the fibreglass body. Obviously, I pumped the tyres (note correct spelling) up to the max my compressor will do - 105psi - and thats still under the max sidewall of 110psi.
the bottom edge was wobbly, so has been stiffened with an ally 'hockey stick' bit.

In the other pictures, you can see my super aero wipers, and wing mirrors I want to send as much air round the slippery sides (again, in one of the pics) not the lumpy as hell roof, with 5 roof vents, and three skylights.

any ideas for the wipers? Cameras have been ordered for mirror delete option - only legal in the UK this year (2012)

Back end is ripe for a semi boat tail - I think I am going to make it foldable, as the overhang is already gigantic. The back face gets filthy, whereas the sides stay pretty clean. I have some sheets of ally kicking about, and some ally angle. Not sure if I should put the bot tail on a pneumatic retract system (again, I have some pneumatic rams) - which would be very cool, but quite difficult to do all three? at the same time. Any suggestions for a self folding mechanism would be appreciated. I dont need to access the door at the back very often, I think the boat tail would be default out, press button fold in.
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