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IAVC two wire to three wire mod that works?

Ok I dug into how the the three wire IAVC works. It appears that the third wire on the IAVC is a solenoid that closes the valve. Basically it replaces the spring in the two wire version. It is just the inverted signal of the other. So lets say if the signal on wire one is on for 1 second and off for 2 seconds then the signal on the wire 3 is on for 2 seconds and off for 1 second (you would never see pmw like this but its a example). So if you my guess is that if invert the signal on 1 and applied it to 3 (not sure which wire is common) you should get this value to work. So slap on a PWM inverter on wire 3 and walla... 2 wire signal controlling a three wire IAVC. This is just a educated guess but is anyone up to trying this out? I am still waiting for my motor so it could be awhile before I can try this. I am will dig around on Newark for some thing that should work.
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