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flow control

certainly,there is no physical boundary that would prevent such a thing to benefit vans and SUVs.This kind of research is in at least it's second decade of work. So far,the energy balance comes out on the side of the atmosphere.The energy required to pump the air,exceeds the energy saved in drag reduction,for a net loss in efficiency. I personally belong to the Clarence"Kelly"Johnson' school of KISS ( keep it simple stupid! ) and like others,believe the class-8 truck and semi-trailer requires a complete re-think.Fifteen years ago there were bus designs with Cd 0.20. Renault had a 18-wheeler with Cd 0.318. And no moving parts!!!!!! I think these would serve as appropriate starting points,as they work.A heroin addict may argue that his problem lay in the design of the syringe,however,I believe the problem occurs at a deeper level. I'm sure Georgia Tech is having a great time making bonfires out of my tax dollars.I do believe the money could be better spent elsewhere.Great article,now I'm going to go and shoot myself.
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