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Next annoyance:
I had my yearly registration inspection done last month. An emissions test should always be done, but never is. I've never had one, no-one I know has either. This year I had my mechanic (privately: my brother-in-law) go to the inspection since he is in cahoots with one of the station's workers. I told him I'd like him get his friend to do an emissions test, so the day before he calls him up and said the test will be done. Next day he goes there and comes back without the emissions test. Supposedly the staton worker got the machine warmed up for me, but then said that since my engine is a diesel then the test is more complicated, blahblahblah, and finally didn't do it

I got pissed and let my bro-in-law know it!! Unfortunately, he's not the kind of person who would care Now, I could go and have the emissions test done, but it costs as much as the inspection, and why should I pay for something which should be done during the inspection anyway?

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