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I'm thinking strip reinforced aluminum sheet, rivet construction. However, that method hasn't got the wife test green light yet. I could probably get it done just as fast in plywood, plus foam/bondo, and it would be more likely to pass the wife test that way, but I expect that would be heavier and less durable.
I'll never find the original thread, but someone who races dirt-track modifieds recommended an aluminum/plastic laminate that they use for those big wings they run. I did bookmark a source of the material, Polymetal. It comes in 1/8' and 1/4' thickness, with strength approx. equal to 5/8" plywood. A supplier local to me can provide it for $104 for a 4'x8' sheet: Sign Panels | NUDO&reg

Now, I see some aerodynamic gaps here to fill. The only question is how far do I need to go to get good results? I expect this to require some testing to be sure about it.
The farther the better. Flush-headed rivets?

You could put the bottom contour at ~10 and extend a flap all the way to the back of the gas tank/spare tire well or whatever's under there.

What do you plan to do to keep the taillights visible?
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