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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Sounds good to me though !
What's your wife's issue with sheet alu construction ?
It's visually the cleanest method of construction, lighter than wood and if you keep it galvanically separated from steel, more durable as well.
The real issue is that I've never used this method - so my skill is unproven and the wife is nervous. The clincher favoring monocoque sheet metal for me is that I can get enough strength for cargo without a bunch of layers and complexity (you know, give or take some bracing and forethought), plus I can bolt hardware in place easily, even as an afterthought. I'm also way more excited about sheet metal failure mode in comparison to other construction methods, thinking about the fender bender that I hope will never actually happen.

Originally Posted by chrisgerman1983 View Post
Look forward to seeing your project! the cruise control sounds interesting! what is your skill set that will help with it? I find that my cruise control is a very aggressive. Do you think that you can limit the RPM or load?
I'm experienced with alanog and embedded electronics, if it requires some solenoids / pneumatics I'm sure I can manage that too. The critical piece is implementing electronic actuation for moving the tranny out of gear and back. EOC would be icing on the cake but not necessary and obviously more complex. I would probably use a simple load or throttle-position target, might be just analog, maybe even user adjustable. I'll probably make a thread for it before long, I hope it might be a big winner...

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