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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
As the owner of a Ranger with almost 400 K miles I agree, the trick is to convince others to follow suit. kind of a weird card game wording there. My Dad used to be such a smooth driver it would frustrate me as a teen, i could almost not tell when the car moved or stopped , and I dont ever recall him putting brakes on a car. Course he was a pilot and a boat captain , things you dont usually horse around . His advice was , anybody can drive fast , you've got to be smooth, that's the key. and it's been good advice these 45 years,
Pop once flew a AT6 from Alabama to eastern VA with a gal who hitched a ride. She asked him how he flew the plane when he landed and he showed her how the controls worked. "I never saw them move" was her response to his demonstration. His imputs were so slight that they were not recognizable visually.

He hypermiled his B17 on his bombing missions over Europe in 1943-44, using the mixture and turbo settings to arrive home with an average of 100 gallons more fuel than others. Insurance against bullet punctures in the self sealing tanks.


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