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I got a reply from the seller. He purchased it new from Brammo directly on Nov 21 2011, so I am assuming it was not made in 2009 (should have a VIN and production date). He invited me to arrange a test ride. After some research my big issue is my daily drive is 40 miles with a one hour (approx) brake between the return trip (20 miles each way). This would seem to be the absolute range limit of the bike, so I would probably have to recharge in the one hour interim between rides.

With 6 vehicles licensed right now and the range limit I would be approaching every time I rode the bike, it just seems to be right on the edge of practicality. If it had 10 more miles range it would make a huge difference. While I can hypermile the bike and it would probably work, there seems to be little margin for error.

I think I'll pass until my situation changes. I need to get rid of 3 bikes, then maybe I'll give an electric bike a try for a while. It does seem like a good deal for someone who had less of a range issue. I think the bike was 8k new, seems like a lot of depreciation for such a low number of miles, many riders on the Brammo forum are in the 5k range.

If anyone here is interested, go for it, you won't aggravate me in the least and maybe both parties would be happy.

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