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Well... winter riding is always a case of not "if" but when ya crash and my first of the season was a doozy, it should suffice to remind me of my mortality for at least a lil while. Defo a case of "operator error" I'd been decelerating down a slight hill before a turn, after the turn & on crunchy snow pack I thought I'd the traction to gun it up the next incline, accustomed & complacent with an ebike's "lack" of horsepower.

Ofc I didn't account for the glare ice after the crunchy patch, ofc I failed to remember an ebike's torque and the second my rear tire touched the ice I immediately experienced a massive wheelspin, the bike kicking out from under me I met the pavement with a startlingly fast vengeance, smashing into the ground on my left arm & tumbling up the hill with the bike inverted atop me, for a moment anyway lol

I then learned another nice aspect of ebikes, as one can lay there in a heap for quite a while, sucking wind & contemplating one's general foolishness without concern of a runaway bike or fuel spill FTW

No real harm done though with just the rear rack knocked askance a bit, the unphone mount unmounted and mirror cockeyed & all easily fixed... after I recover some range of movement in my left arm, which is currently refusing to cooperate, which ofc made for a very interesting ride the rest of the way home lol

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