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I think the SOOT from burning wood.....coal...diesel...bunker oil in the big ships is a factor in global warming due to the fact that it settles on ice and increases the melt...some probably stays airborne a good while.....not to mention it is a health problem? There are other pollutants related to poor combustion also?

As far as CO2 levels and global temps....looks like our GOOSE IS COOKED?

While the perpetually retarded among us.....

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
It's not a question of coal or wood being dirty or clean - it how they affect the long term level of carbon dioxide in the air that matters.

The Arctic ice is not freezing nearly enough to make up for the melting. The volume of ice is decreasing exponentially and the area of ice is decreasing linearly over time. We are seeing feedback loops more quickly than even the most pessimistic models predicted. Greenland is already 5F warmer than it was. 125,000 years ago, after a change in the earth's orbit, Greenland gained 7F and HALF of its ice melted; raising the ocean level around the world by an average of TEN FEET. The current warming is just getting started - there is about a 40-50 year lag, so the carbon dioxide that was added to the air in the 1960's is causing today's warming. Warmer water cannot hold as much carbon dioxide, so we will begin to see and increase from this feedback loop, too.
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