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I am thinking that if I can get the water mist up to about center of windshield I have improved the aero. Current test shows it hitting just over the wiper blades.
A temporarily duct taped spoiler before that point may make it slip through air easier?
Just not sure the more I figure out the more questions I get now ...
OK so tape on spoiler 10" before windshield pockett add some tuft strips and spray water same time. see what I get.
This looks more like a blog with no outside team input.
I also think Isopropol alcohol with coolaide if it will mix "for color" would atomize faster thus be much lighter and should grant me better results.
I do believe the pre air register pocket spoiler will make car slip better. I just need a front air dam on it first. Ok will post results later I hope yall agree with my thinking here.
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