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vx poor mpg at highway speeds

It seems I cant stay in lean burn at highway speeds.
If i attempt to stay in leanburn I can't keep up with traffic.
I have no problem with side streets as I can get 80mpg doing 35, I can get about 45mpg at 55 on the highway, but I cant sustain this without bumping the throttle.
Just seems like the car has a big parachute behind it

My engine is newly rebuilt (about 1000 miles on it now), tranny seems fine (~2k at 60mpg), all new tune up stuff, rolls easily, new oxygen sensor, new fuel filter, new fuel pump.. Just don't know what to check next.

Timing seems fine, valve lash fine, bald front tires

Replacing vacuum lines and PVC valve when its warmer out.

My guino tank mpg is 35. What am i missing or should recheck?

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