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Air dam is in design phase already because the larger tires raised front of vehicle 3/4" and it looks swoopy but is closer to a brick than aero.
Not complaining about larger tires though as it took the car to the next level for economy. I do mostly hiway driving and it dropped engine rpms down without making it an obstacle at traffic lights. The car is temporary transportation so any mods will imho do no harm.
Also I am about to remove the mirrors and seal the front seams.
There seems to be alot of turbulence infront of windshield and across back window.
As you said it may not be worth the effort to raise the slipstream to 1/2 or 3/4 windhield height but I drive 45 miles each way everyday and we all need a hobby.
In addition I plan to install the rear spoiler in several locations to see its effects so still need the smoke generator.
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