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I am getting excited!
The conveyor material Ive selected is not very heavy but will be ridgid after wrapping from wheel to wheel under the profile of the fake bumper.
It will be 3 1/2" from the ground, and covers all them cosmetic scoops and vents in the plastic fascia. I hope this will do as my other choice for material was 18" wide and would have to be cut end to end to fit at all.
The 15" moon disks should look cool screwed over stock wheels.
The rear deck spoiler is profiled ok and the trunk is going to work without modifications other than holes when I move the spoiler up to the back window.
I think I am going to have issues 1 gallon bottle feeding the fuel without alot of work but for test to be proven before and after it must be done since there is no other verifiable method. I am going to make a smoke gun,that I can mount before the car for aero testing, Im sure I can make inexpensive mods to the cars profile to make that better beyond the obvious stuff.
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